Debreceni Lovasakadémia

In the 90's the University of Agricultural Sciences made a decision to support horse riding as a sport and to establish its stables.
One of the key figures who played a key role of making these "dreams" come true were Dr. Novobáczky Ivan, the former President of HAGE Co., a passionate horse rider and horseman. 
Before the establishment of the "Lovasakadémia", a stable was operated at the same premises and many talented horserider were trained here. NagySandor was part of theHungarian National Team in Eventing; Budai János, an outstanding show jumper. 
In 1997 the work has started. Planning of the stables, building of the facilities such as indoor riding arena, 22 boxes for horses, It was a great achievement and made the leadership team proud.
This horse riding academy was built in the middle of the most ideal and iconic part of Debrecen. It is close enough to the city but close to the nearby forest that is an ideal place for riding outdoors. 
Another key figure we have to point out is Boros Sandor, who helped the academy to build its structure, to set up its services and to manage talented horse riders. He is a P.E. teacher, a horse riding instructor who has trained many outstanding horse riders and won several awards for the popularization of the equestrian sport. 
Throughout theyears, the University of Agricultural Sciences developed a new,  2-year course and also made an agreement with the famous Semmelweis University to work together on the course called "The culture of a Horsemanship".
As for today, the aims of the Riding Academy are to develop and improve the facilities continuously, to provide high standard services and to bring up the new generation of riders. 
Thank you for the leadership team (Dr. Szilvássy Zoltán, Dr Jávor András, Dr Bács Zoltán, Dr Komlóssy Iván, Dr Mihók Sándor, Wachter István)  for recognizing the needs, for being supportive and fo rmaking the academy for what it is today, the best equestrian centre in the area.


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